Since very early connected to the art world, the cut and paste, the assemble and disassemble, she knew that design was her way to go. After five years of graduation (achieving a master's degree), she founded Trick with the goal of applying her creativity and develop her knowledge in product design.


"I like what I do and enjoy the challenge of applying my creativity to solve each of these challenges, leaving nothing to chance."


Known for his passion for cars since childhood, being a Designer was his future, his great ambition. It was with this same great ambition that he completed his master's after five years of training and now also integrates Trick's team with his keen technical sense.


"I see each project as if it were the most important of my life. There is no such thing for me as dispensable details or improvisations; every nuance, every detail is worthy of all the attention, to get a real solution without any flaws to cover."


Introducing our brand:

It's still short our story, and though it was already being developed before, Trick is officially born in 2013. Perfectionism is essential for us, we do not like loose ends or half done things. This is applied to everything we do, especially regarding Design. Our team has two designers, each with its own peculiarities, which makes us a complete and dynamic team, where one complements the other.



Over the years, Trick evolved into becoming a Product Design brand, focusing mainly on homeware products and small furniture solutions. Our goal is to use our designers' skills to develop a product until it is perfect, before introducing it to the market, with the vision to evolve, innovate and expand our ranges and productions towards broader, bolder and always well designed solutions.

Our team: